Typography test page - this is a h1 heading, correct size, typography, etc.? And how does it look when it breaks over multiple lines?

This text demonstrates how different elements come into play. The main issue is typography, and spaces between elements. This is first paragraph. This is only formatted with the <p>-tag. Is the line-height OK? Are the space between the h1-heading and the paragraph fine?

This is second paragraph. How do you think the space is between the first and the second paragraph? How do you think the space is from the bottom of this paragraph and the h2 headin below? The idea is also to have a lot of text to demonstrate how the website reacts when it has to grow dynamically in vertical direction.

This is heading h2, smaller than h1, correct formatted?

The following is paragraph text again. Maecenas tristique commodo velit. Morbi volutpat ipsum quis massa. Etiam molestie, augue ut dapibus malesuada, est leo tincidunt diam, a iaculis nisi sem eget risus.

Sometimes a bullet list (non-ordered) is necessary:

  • First bullet
  • Second bullet, a lot of text that demonstrates the behavior in a bullet list when breaking on multiple lines. Some more lorem ipsum: phasellus tempus, augue vel vestibulum interdum! Exactly! :)
  • Last bullet

Nulla vulputate massa eleifend sem. Proin bibendum nonummy urna. Duis ac magna nec risus blandit rhoncus. Phasellus tempus, augue vel vestibulum interdum, libero est facilisis erat, sed pharetra nulla eros nec arcu.

Another kind of bullet list is the ordered list:

  1. First,
  2. Secoond
  3. Third
  4. Last but not least.
  5. Least!

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Bolded text: hi I'm very bold, but not today.

Italic text: hi I'm not from italy

Underline: very important indeed

line through/strike text: we sometimes write text with a strike

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... one more paragraph.

paragraph as "Address"... yes yes it works or what do you think?

This is heading h3, normally website editors do not use h3, but it should look correctly none the less

Paragraph text. Morbi lacinia nunc sit amet urna volutpat ultrices. Morbi malesuada. Aenean ornare, dolor quis venenatis vulputate, enim lorem convallis lorem, id imperdiet quam libero nec elit. Ut sit amet lacus. Proin facilisis, ipsum sed tempus vulputate, orci nulla cursus risus, quis accumsan tortor lectus nec augue.

Paragraph that has been selected as a div. Morbi malesuada. Aenean ornare, dolor quis venenatis vulputate, enim lorem convallis lorem, id imperdiet quam libero nec elit. Ut sit amet lacus.

New paragraph Here comes a link: Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas . Duis feugiat, tellus non pharetra sollicitudin, elit diam pulvinar mauris, eget cursus lorem purus bibendum est. Quisque nec eros.  Proin ultricies. Maecenas eros neque, consectetuer vitae, dictum iaculis, euismod ac, ligula.

A long URL copy-paste:


In typesetting, justification (can also be referred to as 'full justification') is the typographic alignment setting of text or images within a column or "measure" to align along both the left and right margin. Text set this way is said to be "justified". Duis fermentum ullamcorper ipsum. Vivamus porta arcu sit amet mauris. Etiam sollicitudin arcu nec urna. Suspendisse fermentum. Morbi at turpis.

Now... is this text formatting correct?